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Justin Timberlake

Bring in da noise

   Cutie-pie Justin agrees that airplanes are primo sleeping 
opportunities. "Everytime we get on the plane," Justin notes "I 
fall asleep." And Justin's not picky about location when he settles 
down for a nap. 'Me and one of my security guards joke because I can 
pretty much sleep anywhere,' laughs the 17-year-old.

   However, unlike JC, Justin doesn't sleep heavily. "If somebody 
were to come up and stand over me or something, I'd wake up," he 
shares. That goes ditto for things that go bump in the night. "If I 
hear a noise or something, I wake up," Justin reveals to BB.

   Yet even though he may wake up at the sound of a needle dropping, 
the one thing that puts Justin to sleep every time is constant 
noise--gentle sounds, that is. When his groupmates are not available 
to sing relaxing harmonies to him (too sweet!), he likes to fall 
asleep to the sounds of nature. "A steady sound makes me go to 
sleep," he says. "You know, like one of those sound soothers [with] 
the waves."


The pants!

'N Sync