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Chris Kirkpatrick

Just a few zzz's to please

   Cuddly Chris says that he doesn't require a lot of sleep. "I only 
need about four [hours]'" the 26-year-old confesses. "I'm not a big 
sleeping person." When he does sleep, though, he says he's about as 
versatile as the other four guys. "We've got crazy hours, but I've 
learned to sleep on airplanes a lot and in vans," Chris tells us.

   The problem for Chris is getting enough snooze time is that when 
night falls and most people are in bed, Chris says he's up and ready 
to go. "I like to go out and, well, I've got my [Sony] Play Station," 
he grins. However, Chris doesn't consider himself a night person. 
"I'm just more of an awake person," he explains. "There's a lot of 
activities that I do in the day and there's a lot of activities that 
I like to do in the night."

   Yet the one thing Chris generally tries not to do at night or at 
any other time of the day is snore. "I've never caught myself 
snoring," he vows. "Most of the time I don't think I snore, but I 
think [there are] certain positions you can lay in sometimes and 
everybody snores."


Isn't he just so cute?
I would have put this on Justin's page, but Chris is just too adorable in this one!
Same here. And, hey! Isn't that Chris's shirt Justin's wearing?

Chris. Need I say more? word. FINE!

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