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I Am Obsessed...

I am obsessed with *N Sync, Chris, Justin. Who are you obsessed with?

PLEASE read the requirements and see who or what is taken before you type ANYTHING. This is already very time consuming. Thank you.


*~*You MUST have a webpage. Sorry for those who don't. But it does not have to be an *N Sync page.*~*
*~*You can be obsessed with any of the guys.*~*
*~*If your guy is already taken, you can be obsessed with something of his.*~*
*~*You cannot be obsessed with it if someone else already is.*~*
*~*You can only be obsessed with three things unless you have more than one site.*~*

Click Here to see a who has already confessed to their obsession! In other words, a list of who/what is already taken and the obsessors.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I will send you HTML the paste onto your page. It will look something like this.

I Am Obsessed...

I, You-Name-Here, Am Obsessed with Whoever-Or-Whatever-You-Are-Obsessed-With.

Who are you obsessed with?
Get obsessed at *Chris Kirkpatrick Headquarters* today!

Email address:

Do you have a website?
No. (Didn't you read the requirements?!)

Did you see who/what is taken?
No. (This takes up a lot of my time. Now go read it!)

Website Title (REQUIRED):

Who/what are you obsessed with? Stunning, fast, FREE!
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