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Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day

I know great distance still remains Between us But there's good reason to hold on Its the happiest time of year Filled with laughter and good cheer As you watch the snow Sweet love you hear me say You've got my heart on Christmas Inside my soul Your love remains Love's in our hearts On Christmas day The days and weeks and months go by So slowly We are both wishing in the fly As the night begins to fall Twilight drowns the bedroom cheer Such a rush joy And love it comforts me And I do believe CHORUS: Love's in our hearts on Christmas Though far apart As one we pray Love's in our hearts On Christmas day A snowflake melts in your eye It turns to a tear But your cheek it stays dry With your warm smile so near I have no fear We're going to make it Ooh, ooh, ooh... CHORUS (2x)

*N Sync