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My Banner
I have a banner! If you do banners, here's the code:

<CENTER><A HREF="!NSync!"><IMG SRC="" border=0 alt="*Chris Kirkpatrick Headquarters*"</A></CENTER>
Get In Sync With *N SYNC
The Official *N Sync Website
*N Sync *N Sanity
Just Justin
*N Sync World
*N Sync Online
*N Sync Crunkness
Kittyriz's *N Sync Korner
Lauren's *N Sync World

My Chris quiz is on this page. Its a cool site. Check it out.


The Justin Timberlake Page

Darcy's *N Sync Poofuland

Nicole's *N Sync Paradise

giddy up. an n sync page.

*N Sync Town

*N Sync 4 Asia

Cupcakes' 'N SYNC Links

Little_Ness' *N Sync Galaxy

Destination *N Sync

Stephanie's N SYNC Paradise

*N Sync Central

The Unofficial Chris Kirkpatrick Homepage

Rox's *N Sync World

Sonya's *N Sync Planet

'N Sync